Friday, August 24, 2012


The dead tree came down today.

The debris was removed, and sod planted in place.  One thing off the list!

Today's block has fabric that looks reproduction.  Gold and blue are my usually favorites, but they will fit in nicely.

Last night sunset was beautiful....

I didn't do a lot of sewing today.  I'm trying to work out a little problem I'm have with a quilt I'm designing - the pieces are not fitting together the way I want them to.  I've never been a great piecer!  I have the quilt hanging on my design wall.  It's supposed to be part of my next book, but I know I have to start over.  Bummer.  I will go ahead and quilt what I have so far for a small lap quilt, but it's definitely not book worthy.

I've had this quilt simmering on my brain for a few days, trying to figure out how I can remake it a better way.  And this afternoon (when I wasn't even thinking about quilting) the solution popped in my brain! Oh joy!  Now I can start making another one!  If at first you don't succeed,....

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Debby said...

Sometimes just walking away can clear your head for new ideas. Love the paisley in the block