Friday, July 27, 2012


I'm rather proud of myself.  With my somewhat limited computer abilities I managed to make a blog button!  It's over there on the right.  See it?

Yesterday I started my Making Do challenge.  Yup, that was July 26.  I'm not going to buy fabric for 6 months.  My exceptions are as follows:

1.  Large cuts of fabric for quilt backings (if needed) - I'm going to try to make do without.
2.  Batting, as needed
3.  An occasional new book or Accuquilt die.
4.  Sewing machine repair, new needles, etc.

Want to join in?  Grab the button!  Make the challenge your own!  Set your own time limit.  Set your own rules.  Maybe you just want to make one quilt with your stash?  Or maybe you just want to go for a month without buying fabric?  Whatever - you set the challenge so it will work for you.

Please let me know if you're joining!  I'll provide a link-up so everyone can follow your progress!

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