Monday, July 23, 2012

Raskog in Action!

Hubby kindly put together all my Ikea purchases yesterday.  Here's one of my new Raskog carts in action beside my chair.  Click the picture to see better - it doesn't show up so well against the dark floor. Three levels of handy sewing stuff!  On wheels!  I love it!  I can roll it into hiding in a closet when I go to bed.  I'm thinking of lots more uses for these wonderful carts:  in the kitchen for plants, on the patio for snacks, etc.  I really love this Raskog.  Daughter 2 tried unsuccessfully to order a turquoise on online.  That means another trip to Ikea before long - not a bad thing!

We decided to lunch at Ikea while we were there.  Swedish meatballs all around!  They were good, too!  The daughters split a yummy piece of chocolate cake for dessert.  Have I mentioned I love Ikea?

I woke up with a summer cold today.   :(  Could be worse.  Slowed me down a bit, but that's okay.  I still got a few things done in the house, but we might have take-out for dinner.

Father update:  He's still in the hospital and probably will be for a day or two longer.  He can now swallow a bite or two of pureed food or pudding per meal.  They were working on solid food with him this afternoon with a bit of success.  The pneumonia is improving.  I decided not to go for now.  Just as well since I would want to pass this cold to them.


Lisa A said...

Next time you go, get some of their cinnamon rolls. Yum!

DaisyChain said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad - hope you get some positive news soon.
I find it really strange that you have Ikea there. I know it's Swedish, but in UK it has become very much part of our culture. Everyone goes to Ikea (but some deny it).

DaisyChain said...

In Uk, it's thought you are not being very orginal if you furnish with Ikea stuff. i pick carefully and shop there quite often - mine is about 15 miles away. I really like it.