Sunday, July 1, 2012

New House and Bullion Loops

YAY!  YAY!  YAY!  We're now officially living in the new house in Auburn.  Our Birmingham house closing was on Wednesday and we closed on the new house on Friday - how's that for God's perfect timing!!!!

Above is a quick pic I took Friday afternoon when we got here.  As I may have mentioned, the house was staged for home tours and we couldn't resist buying some of the staging furniture.  It's in a jumbled mess now, but I'll share more pics as we put things together.  The front door can be seen in the back.  The kitchen is to the left - see the refrigerator?  The dining room is to the right, but not visible.

Here's the fireplace with the required doggy sleeping in front of it.  That's Prince.  This entire moving process has exhausted him!

Here's an Instagram of both pups in their "bed."  I threw this heap of bedding in the floor and they have taken to it.

The moving truck will be here Monday morning with all our stuff.  The first priority I have for unpacking will be the kitchen.  Next up - the sewing room!  Can wait to have my studio unpacked!

Saturday we had people working here all day.  The satellite TV folks were here.  The Internet/Phone folks were here.  And we had some Tech guys here, too.  This house has some special features which required these Tech guys to come hook some stuff up.  They'll be back today to finish up and give us a lesson on how to control things.  (Never thought I'd live in a house where I couldn't figure out how to turn on lights!)  We'll learn all that today, though hubby has been figuring a lot out by trial and error.

Anyway, we now have Internet service (BIG YAY!), TV's are all working (we brought our TV's with us so the Tech guys could do their magic with them), we have phone service (though I don't know our number!)  We brought a mattress set from the condo so we do have a bed.

We feel very blessed to own this home.

I was hoping to get two of these Sue Spargo BOM's done while at the condo - didn't accomplish that, but I'm almost finished with one.  I learned to do Bullion stitches (around the orange circles) and Bullion Loops (around the pink flower center).

This week will be super busy, directing the movers and then unpacking, so I'll be lucky to have time to finish this.

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Delta Jewel said...

Your BOM looks amazing. Your bullions look like you have been doing them for year. Love that the doggies have found their space. Best of luck to you in your new home. Kathie Condon