Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The movers showed up with our stuff Monday.  It wasn't the easiest day though.  We weren't too happy with the movers.  They rushed through everything and weren't very careful.  We ended up with a good ding on our piano.  We'll have to file a claim to get it fixed.  They were supposed to hang our clothes in our closet and to unpack anything that we requested.  But they didn't.  By that time we were just ready to get rid of them, so we didn't push it.

The good news is that now we can take our time to unpack and get organized!  Yay!

The two photos above show my sewing room.  Lots to do here, but it will be fun to put everything away.  Look how high they piled the boxes.  They are more than 8 feet high!  I'd need a ladder to get to the top few.  Hubby went up there today and lowered the stacks so I'll be able to get to them all.  Thanks, Sweetie!

As I worked in the kitchen my pile of crumpled paper grew!  Hubby took care of this, too.

Tonight we enjoyed a pizza on the patio.  Yum!  Maybe I'll be ready to cook again soon.  I hope to finish the kitchen tomorrow.  And maybe work more in our bedroom.  I hope to get to the sewing room this weekend..... :)

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