Monday, March 31, 2014

Denim and Yarn and Blossoms!

Remember that pile of old jeans I saved when I cleaned out my closet earlier this year? I pulled them out this weekend and cut them up. Then I PLAYED! Fun stuff! I hope to finish this quick project so I can share it with you in a week or so.

Here'e the progress I made on my afghan while in Augusta a couple of weeks ago. Haven't done much since.

Some photos from our yard. Love the ferns spiraling out new growth.

Pansies are bright and cheery.

And the TULIPS! Gorgeous this year!

Now I've got to get up out of my recliner, put down the coffee cup, and get BUSY! This past week I was commissioned to make FOUR quilts, plus probably a FIFTH! And I'm teaching a private lesson here at my house this week. Fun stuff!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Progress on the Triangle Quilt

I spent most of yesterday working on this project. I only have the top half to go. I think I'm liking it! It's based on a photo of Daughter 1's eye. I think I'll prep more of this today.

I thought you might get a kick out of this, as I did. The house across the street is almost done - this week they've been laying the sod and spreading pine straw. At lunch time the workers take naps. Ahh, a nap in the sun - nothing better! :)

And here's the big news! I got the cover art for my third book, due out this Fall. I'm really glad the publisher put this happy quilt on the cover!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quilt Inspiration at a Plant Nursery!

I had lunch Friday with Daughter 1 at Crepe Myrtle Cafe, a crepe place that is part of a nursery. The plants are gorgeous! The crepes are delicious! I walked through the shop before lunch and spotted some eye candy.

Love this colorful little bag with raw edge circles all over it, even dangling from the bottom. I've always got lots of circles around here in Hexie Land!

These are really unique - felted wool cords with a wool flower on each end. I really want one of these!

I'm kind of in love with this painting. A patchwork chair! Of course I'd love to have a real chair like this, but the painting would be a fine substitute.

Here's some fabric goodness (Robert Kaufman) that I bought at Intown Quilts in Atlanta on my way home from Augusta last week. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I had to have it!

What's going on around here? Today I'm going to pull out the triangle quilt again - haven't worked on it for over a week. It was too tedious to take on my trip last week. And I'm going to work on the April Hexie BOM design. Oh, and I need to do some cooking and food prep for the week. I like to do a bit of cooking on Sunday afternoons to make the upcoming week easier. Today I'll cook a spaghetti squash, some chicken breasts, and wash a pile of fruit. We're trying to get healthy around here!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm Doing What?

I started a little crochet project this weekend. I've been drooling over this moss stitch I've been seeing on blogs. I have a small stash of yarn so I got this afghan started on Friday. Very relaxing...

Don't worry. Quilting is still numero uno in my book. But a diversion every so often is rather nice.

So I survived hosting my first quilty luncheon here in Auburn this week. Whew! Went well. Back in Birmingham, quilty luncheons usually consisted of chicken salad, some fruit, some chips, a simple yummy desert. Here you really COOK! A hot chicken casserole or something similar. A vegetable. Maybe a salad. Bread. And a birthday cake for the birthday girl of the month. Everyone was so nice and it all went so well!

I'm off to Augusta tomorrow to help out my mother for a couple of days. She's having a  cataract removed this week. We are HOPING that this will restore some vision in her eye. She lost vision in the other eye a few years ago when she had an eye stroke.

And yes, I'm taking my crochet project with me - no sewing. Can you believe that?!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Thoughts Today....

Would love to have this table somewhere in my home.

I plan to build one long shelf like this to go in our back entry. Love it! Seems pretty easy...

Wonderful article about Daughter 2 here - proud of my daughters!

I want to make this table runner for our dining room table - I already have a stash of Kaffe stripes to use.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Photo Shoot

A magazine had requested a casual photo of me to include in the mag with the quilt I designed for them and an article. So one morning last week, I got hubby involved to take the picture. I decided to sit in the floor with Mickey and let him shoot from above. The is the photo that the The Quilt Life will use.

But look who came underneath the ottoman to photo bomb! Cooper wants to be part of everything we do!

We had a warm (70's!) beautiful weekend here. We went to a gymnastics meet and some baseball games. Ahhh...Spring is almost here. So happy about that!

I'm still working on my triangle quilt. I'll try to share another picture soon. Go check out The Hexie Blog to see my finished hexie clock!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Plastic Hexies?

Look what I did yesterday!  I cut out hexies from some of my favorite fabrics and decopaged them onto  plastic pieces.

Peggy gifted me with this wonder clock from Ikea last year and I've been too busy to get it out of the box. FINALLY, I'm getting around to it. But you know me - I had to add some fabric to it! I let the pieces dry overnight. Today I'll put the pieces together and hang it on the wall.  Yay!

Here I was this past weekend, manning my booth at the Fountain City Quilt Show in Prattville - FUN!