Monday, March 31, 2014

Denim and Yarn and Blossoms!

Remember that pile of old jeans I saved when I cleaned out my closet earlier this year? I pulled them out this weekend and cut them up. Then I PLAYED! Fun stuff! I hope to finish this quick project so I can share it with you in a week or so.

Here'e the progress I made on my afghan while in Augusta a couple of weeks ago. Haven't done much since.

Some photos from our yard. Love the ferns spiraling out new growth.

Pansies are bright and cheery.

And the TULIPS! Gorgeous this year!

Now I've got to get up out of my recliner, put down the coffee cup, and get BUSY! This past week I was commissioned to make FOUR quilts, plus probably a FIFTH! And I'm teaching a private lesson here at my house this week. Fun stuff!

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