Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pedal to the Metal!

Cooper may be relaxing, but I'm not! I've been at my machine for hours working to finish a project so I can start another one. The life of a quilter - gotta love it! :)

Here was the view from my studio yesterday. This little bird kept me company.

Does anyone know what kind of lizard this is? (Click to enlarge.) We typically have the little green lizards around here, but this is bigger. Prince caught and ate one of these yesterday. Then he proceeded to throw up all afternoon. Fun stuff...  :(

Found this huge feather in the backyard yesterday - any idea on what kind of bird it came from?

Today I'm teaching a private lesson on portrait quilts here at Hexie Haven - she's coming from out of town for the lesson.  Hubby is home with kidney stones - poor thing! And we are having some landscaping being done in our yard today. Always something going on around here.

I posted the April 2014 Hexie BOM here yesterday - go check it out!


Doris Miller said...

Judy, I have always heard the lizard called a fence post lizard, but don't know if that is the "technical" name or not. They are colored to blend into the tree bark. The feather looks like a turkey feather to me.

Anonymous said...

Cooper truly knows how to "chill out!" Love the pic!

Anonymous said...

That is definitely a turkey feather. As for the lizard, well it reminds me of the Western Fence lizard I used to find all the time in California. Out of curiosity, did it have any blue or yellow markings on its belly and/or throat?
We called them Blue Bellies or yellow bellies when we were kids.

~ Lynda