Friday, April 4, 2014

Evelyn, Binding, and a Food Truck

Here's Evelyn with the beginnings of her portrait of Martin Luther King. She spent a day with me last week enjoying a private lesson on portrait quilts. I know it just looks like blobs of fabric now, but when finished it will be a realistic portrait in shades of brown - great job, Evelyn! What fun we had!

I spent a bit of time this week on binding - you know what that means! A finish! I'll share it with you tomorrow, I promise!

There is LOTS of construction in our neighborhood as new houses are constantly popping up. The Triny's food truck makes multiple stops in the area to feed all the construction workers. As of late, it stops right in front of our house. Convenient, eh? But, I've been a bit hesitant to head out and line up with all the hard hats.

We had some landscaping done in our backyard this week - the nicest two guys did a great job! Their second day of work they bought me lunch! From the food truck! Can you even imagine?

It looks a little messy here, but it was DELISH! It's a huge burrito. I'm doing the low carb thing, so I opened it up to avoid that yummy tortilla. I'm thinking I may put on my own hard hat and boots and get in line with the guys from now on...

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