Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jeans Pocket Quilt

Today I got tired of walking all over these denim pieces that have been lying in the floor for a week. There is no room on my design wall for them! So I took a break from other projects and put this together.

It's certainly not done! There will be lots of appliqué to do on this, but that will have to wait.  Yes, I know one of the pockets is upside down - that was intentional.

Glad I did this. I'm folding it up and putting it aside for now. And my denim scraps are all gone! (And my floor is clear.)

Most of you realize I have TWO blogs. It's tricky! I post hexie stuff on the other blog and everything ELSE quilty related (and family and house and dogs and recipes) here. Next time you see this quilt, it will be on The Hexie Blog. That's a BIG hint about the future of the quilt!

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