Monday, May 26, 2014

And the Winner is......!

Welcome all new readers who have come here through the American Made Brand Blog Tour! What a blast this has been! I'll be getting a PDF of the Alabama pattern on my blog this week - need to get a bit of help from my own personal Software Engineer (Daughter 1)!

And now what you're waiting for- the winner is MARY! I've already sent her an e-mail. Can't wait to here back from you, Mary!

Daughter 2 is one week into her Pharmacy Internship at Mayo in Minnesota. Yesterday she was out an about with one of her housemates. They visited the Plummer House, a historical house of a former Mayo doctor. They were have a vintage sale there. She texted me this picture of vintage quilts for sale - did I want one?

I asked how much. (Of course!) And then told her that the one on the top right looked interesting. They were only $40 and she liked that one best. SOLD!

When she got back to her house she took more pictures for me. Isn't is lovely?

And the blocks are HEXAGONS!!!!! I'm so excited!

It's been CRAZY around here lately. Hubby threw out his back a few weeks ago. An MRI showed no disc issues, but something is pressing on a nerve and he's been in SO much pain. We've had to hire someone to do our yard work for the time being and I try to take up the slack. He can't even sleep in a bed - must sleep in a recliner. So frustrating for him!

Meanwhile I'm staying uber busy getting ready for a speaking engagement in June, teaching classes in Chicago in June, and some big events for me at the AQS show in Chattanooga in September. Oh, and also putting the final touches on MORE Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts due out this Fall.

And TODAY is very special for hubby and me! It's our 30th anniversary!!! Happy! (Love that song, by the way!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

American Made Fabric: ALABAMA!


Hello to all the American Made Brand Blog Hoppers!

I'm so excited to share a bit about my state of Alabama! Above is the block I designed and made with the fabulous AMB solid fabrics. I do love applique, so my entire block is done this way.

Are you ready to learn more about Alabama?

The rocket on my block represents the strong presence of NASA in our state:

The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) is the U.S. government's civilian rocketry and spacecraft propulsion research center. The largest NASA center, MSFC's first mission was developing the Saturn launch vehicles for the Apollo moon program. Marshall has been the agency's lead center for Space Shuttle propulsion and its external tank; payloads and related crew training; International Space Station (ISS) design and assembly; and computers, networks, and information management. Located on the Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama, MSFC is named in honor of General of the Army George Marshall.
The center also contains the Huntsville Operations Support Center (HOSC), a facility that supports ISS launch, payload and experiment activities at the Kennedy Space Center. The HOSC also monitors rocket launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station when a Marshall Center payload is on board.

And the football: college football is HUGE here in Alabama!!!! The two primary teams are Auburn and Alabama. You have to be for one or the other - there is no in between or undecided here!

And the heart: We're known as THE HEART OF DIXIE, so I embroidered that on the block.

Another important QUILTY thing in Alabama: it's the home of the Gee's Bend Quilters! How cool is that?

If you haven't heard, all the state blocks (including mine!) will be put together in a fab quilt to be displayed in Houston this Fall. Can't wait to see it!


do you want to win a fat quarter pack of these AMB solids? Here's what you have to do:

1. Become a follower of this blog.
2. Become a follower of my other blog:
3. Leave a comment here telling me you've done 1 and 2 AND tell me your favorite color!

I'll draw a winner on Sunday, May 25!

Monday, May 19, 2014

UPDATE: American Made Brand Blog Hop Switcheroo!

I was SUPPOSED to post my Alabama license plate block on June 2.


There are currently some issues going on with Typepad which many of the AMB bloggers use. So I volunteered to trade. So my post will be on this Wednesday! Don't miss it! #GIVEAWAY!!!

The American Made Blog Hop Has Begun!

Today is the first day of the AMB blog hop - YIPPEE! Here are today's stops on the tour:

Delaware:  Blue Striped Room
Pennsylvania:  Cherry Lynch Quilts

There will be two stops on the tour every day. At each spot there will be a quilt block and pattern for a license tag inspired block for that state. I plan to check out every single one!

Don't forget - each stop will offer chances to win fat quarters on the Clothworks American Made Brand solid fabrics.

My day will be June 2!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hexies on the Plane!

I'll be boarding a flight in a little while to fly home to Alabama from Minnesota. I spent the last few days driving with one of our daughters to Rochester where she's interning at Mayo for the summer.

I brought lots of hexies to work on- love that they are so portable!

I have a fabulous hexie quilt to share this week! Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Note to Self...

SMILE when you take a selfie!!! I'm new to this selfie craze - concentrating so much on getting the shot that I forget to smile! The expression on my face reminds me so much of my father! 

That's better! Though my eyes are not pointed the right direction. I need more practice, I guess. I was taking the selfie to show my sweet fashion savvy daughters what I was wearing to a dinner earlier this week. I alway love to get their opinions and advice in matters of fashion.

Today is THE DAY! Daughter 2 and I are embarking on a three day drive from Southeast Alabama to Rochester, Minnesota. Wave if you see us along the way!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Fun Weekend!

Mother's Day has come and gone; my family really spoiled me! I received wonderful gifts (a gorgeous ring, a cookbook, a travel makeup bag, a bracelet, and some makeup). But the best gift is my family's LOVE! What did I send my mother - the mystery gift was a really nice set of tweezers!

After about 36 hours of hiding under the bed, Leo decided to come out and be social. He really misses his Mommy (Daughter 2)! But he's finally deciding that Hubby and I will do for the summer. Having never had a cat, this is all new to me. But he is really easy to care for. And he's kind of like a dog in that he loves attention and petting.

Yesterday afternoon we went out for frozen yogurt. Hubby and I have been dieting for almost two months, so this was a REAL treat! I had a combination of Salted Caramel Pretzel and Chocoholic topped with cashews. My kind of treat!

This will be a busy and fun week. Wednesday I have a speaking engagement in Georgia. Hexies in Hogansville! On Thursday I leave with Daughter 2 for a long road trip. We're driving from here in southeast Alabama to Rochester, Minnesota. 16 hours on the road! We're going to take turns driving and spread it over 3 days. I'll fly home on Sunday. She starts her internship there on Monday. We'll go through Nashville, Paducah (my favorite city!), and St. Louis along the way. Really looking forward to seeing lots of the USA along the way. Yes, I'm taking some hand sewing for the car!

Friend me on Facebook to follow along with our trip! I'll be posted along the way.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Summer Buddy

Meet Leo! He belongs to Daughter 2 and lives with her in the condo here in Auburn. She's spending the summer in Minnesota doing a Pharmacy Internship at the Mayo Clinic. So Leo is moving in here! He's a totally inside cat and is living upstairs in a guest bedroom with his own private bathroom. Our dogs are not allowed upstairs, so they will be separated all the time.

He is still getting used to his new digs, but is finally coming out from under the bed to explore a bit. I left a couple of treats on the bed last night and this morning they were gone - good sign - he's beginning to wander around a bit.

Look what I got in the mail yesterday! A box FULL of Tiger Tape samples to use when I teach Perle Cotton Hand Quilting in June in Chicago at Make It University! A HUGE thank you to Old Made Quilts!

Here's a backyard blossom - many more to share.

I've been oh-so-busy! Getting Daughter 2 ready for Minnesota (getting her car serviced, altering some clothes). Finishing deadline projects (working on hand stitching the binding on the two twin quilts). Making lots of lists for Chicago and Chattanooga. Ordering stuff for Chattanooga kits.

My editor for MORE Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts (to be released this Fall!) has contacted me with a list of questions. I'll be working on the book this morning instead of my usual morning studio time.

And Mother's Day is almost here! What did you get your mother? I got my Mom something personal. I sent her an e-mail and told her that it is being shipped. I said,

"It's nothing fun or pretty, but I think you'll find it very useful and better that what you use now. You'll have fun trying to figure out what it is until it arrives and you'll then understand what I'm saying."

Can you guess what it is? It's something every woman needs.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

HUGE BLog Tour Coming Soon!

Have you noticed the above button on my sidebar? You guys - this is BIG! Finally we have a beautiful selection of cotton quilting solids made right here in the USA! The American Made Brand Blog Tour will run from May 19 until June 20.

One quilter has been selected from every single state to make a 6" x 12" license plate block that represents their state. Yes, I'm representing ALABAMA! Each of us will reveal our block design on our designated day and host a giveaway of AMB fat quarters - how fun is that!

I've had an opportunity to see a few of the blocks, some in progress, some completed. Oh, you're going to love the designs! All the blocks will be sent to AMB and they will make a fabulous quilt with them - it will be on display in Houston this Fall. I, for one, can't wait to see it!

All the designs for the blocks will be available, so you can make your own USA quilt, too!

For more information on this, click on the AMB button on the sidebar!
(FYI, I just finished my block tonight. It's the secret appliqué project I've been working on.)

Guess what! I finished quilting this one today! Love the texture!

A backyard amaryllis! We have all sorts of things blooming at the moment. Lovely time of year.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Quilting Again!

I took the weekend off! I don't do that very often, but I knew I needed a break from sewing and we had some fun obligations to attend to. Friday I basted quilt number 2.

Last night I discovered a new-to-me free motion quilting pattern while surfing the net - wish I could remember the source.

This afternoon I headed up to the studio to try it out.

First you make a double loop.

Then you make loops going outward around the center.

Then you "cloud" around the loops. Easy peasy and I love the way it looks!

I made a good start and will continue on tomorrow morning.

I got my teaching assignments for the AQS Chattanooga Show in September! Yay, so excited about this! (Of course that means more work for me to get some samples ready, but that OKAY!) I'll be doing a ONE HOUR lecture - I'll have fun putting the slideshow together.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Pincushion Fun!

I made this little pincushion yesterday. My normal go-to pincushion is made from hexies (of course!), but I did something a bit different this time. I simply cut two circles of fabric, sewed them together, stuffed them with crushed walnut shells, sewed an old button to the center for a little tufting. The pincushion sits in a little round Altoids tin, giving it a sturdy base. I made this for a pincushion swap at our guild retreat in a couple of weeks.

I made the binding for TWO quilts yesterday. Then I machine sewed the binding to the first quilt - ready for hand stitching! I also worked on my little (soon-to-be revealed appliqué project. And I spent a bit of time cleaning my studio - still lots more to do in there. I need a marathon fabric folding session for the pile of fabrics I've pulled in the last month or so - they are piled everywhere!

Today I think I'll baste the second quilt so it will be ready to attack quilt.

I posted the 2014 Hexie BOM May block here yesterday! Check it out!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quilting and Applique

I finished the quilting on the twin quilt (1 of 2) yesterday - yay! Today I'm making binding for both twin quilts. As you may remember, the second quilt is the same colors and layout but the alternating blocks are stars instead of nine patches.

I'm trying to decide if I should quilt them both the same. Or I could simple meander on the second one. Opinions? I'd love to hear what you think!

I spent the afternoon/evening on appliqué - this is a block I've designed for a special project. I'll be able to talk about it very soon, I promise!

So what else is new around here? I got a new car this week. I actually got a new-to-me car in December when we bought my in-laws' 4 year old SUV. We sold my 11 year old Toyota Sequoia that had taken me over 117,000 miles. Let's just say I never made friends with the hand-me-down car. I really hated it.

So hubby has taken possession of that one and I have something I really like. And it's ORANGE! Yes, I have an orange car - gotta love it!