Thursday, May 15, 2014

Note to Self...

SMILE when you take a selfie!!! I'm new to this selfie craze - concentrating so much on getting the shot that I forget to smile! The expression on my face reminds me so much of my father! 

That's better! Though my eyes are not pointed the right direction. I need more practice, I guess. I was taking the selfie to show my sweet fashion savvy daughters what I was wearing to a dinner earlier this week. I alway love to get their opinions and advice in matters of fashion.

Today is THE DAY! Daughter 2 and I are embarking on a three day drive from Southeast Alabama to Rochester, Minnesota. Wave if you see us along the way!


Mary Marcotte said...

Hi Julia, I love your selfie advice: you do realize that taking selfies means making some strange face that usually includes a huge pucker, right? I teach high school, so trust me on this one!

I'm visiting from AMB and wanted to say a quick hello. I'm getting excited for the tour and didn't want to get lost in the crowd!

Sandi Griepenstroh said...

I absolutely LOVE the top! Where were you shopping? I might have to go get myself one:)