Monday, May 12, 2014

Fun Weekend!

Mother's Day has come and gone; my family really spoiled me! I received wonderful gifts (a gorgeous ring, a cookbook, a travel makeup bag, a bracelet, and some makeup). But the best gift is my family's LOVE! What did I send my mother - the mystery gift was a really nice set of tweezers!

After about 36 hours of hiding under the bed, Leo decided to come out and be social. He really misses his Mommy (Daughter 2)! But he's finally deciding that Hubby and I will do for the summer. Having never had a cat, this is all new to me. But he is really easy to care for. And he's kind of like a dog in that he loves attention and petting.

Yesterday afternoon we went out for frozen yogurt. Hubby and I have been dieting for almost two months, so this was a REAL treat! I had a combination of Salted Caramel Pretzel and Chocoholic topped with cashews. My kind of treat!

This will be a busy and fun week. Wednesday I have a speaking engagement in Georgia. Hexies in Hogansville! On Thursday I leave with Daughter 2 for a long road trip. We're driving from here in southeast Alabama to Rochester, Minnesota. 16 hours on the road! We're going to take turns driving and spread it over 3 days. I'll fly home on Sunday. She starts her internship there on Monday. We'll go through Nashville, Paducah (my favorite city!), and St. Louis along the way. Really looking forward to seeing lots of the USA along the way. Yes, I'm taking some hand sewing for the car!

Friend me on Facebook to follow along with our trip! I'll be posted along the way.

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