Monday, May 26, 2014

And the Winner is......!

Welcome all new readers who have come here through the American Made Brand Blog Tour! What a blast this has been! I'll be getting a PDF of the Alabama pattern on my blog this week - need to get a bit of help from my own personal Software Engineer (Daughter 1)!

And now what you're waiting for- the winner is MARY! I've already sent her an e-mail. Can't wait to here back from you, Mary!

Daughter 2 is one week into her Pharmacy Internship at Mayo in Minnesota. Yesterday she was out an about with one of her housemates. They visited the Plummer House, a historical house of a former Mayo doctor. They were have a vintage sale there. She texted me this picture of vintage quilts for sale - did I want one?

I asked how much. (Of course!) And then told her that the one on the top right looked interesting. They were only $40 and she liked that one best. SOLD!

When she got back to her house she took more pictures for me. Isn't is lovely?

And the blocks are HEXAGONS!!!!! I'm so excited!

It's been CRAZY around here lately. Hubby threw out his back a few weeks ago. An MRI showed no disc issues, but something is pressing on a nerve and he's been in SO much pain. We've had to hire someone to do our yard work for the time being and I try to take up the slack. He can't even sleep in a bed - must sleep in a recliner. So frustrating for him!

Meanwhile I'm staying uber busy getting ready for a speaking engagement in June, teaching classes in Chicago in June, and some big events for me at the AQS show in Chattanooga in September. Oh, and also putting the final touches on MORE Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts due out this Fall.

And TODAY is very special for hubby and me! It's our 30th anniversary!!! Happy! (Love that song, by the way!)


Bethany said...

What a great find! Vintage quilts are the best. And congrats to your daughter! I am a freshman in college and I am hoping to be a pharmacist one day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I dance around the house when I hear the song "Happy." It gets me up from my sewing and gives me a stretch! Love your blog!