Friday, May 2, 2014

Pincushion Fun!

I made this little pincushion yesterday. My normal go-to pincushion is made from hexies (of course!), but I did something a bit different this time. I simply cut two circles of fabric, sewed them together, stuffed them with crushed walnut shells, sewed an old button to the center for a little tufting. The pincushion sits in a little round Altoids tin, giving it a sturdy base. I made this for a pincushion swap at our guild retreat in a couple of weeks.

I made the binding for TWO quilts yesterday. Then I machine sewed the binding to the first quilt - ready for hand stitching! I also worked on my little (soon-to-be revealed appliqué project. And I spent a bit of time cleaning my studio - still lots more to do in there. I need a marathon fabric folding session for the pile of fabrics I've pulled in the last month or so - they are piled everywhere!

Today I think I'll baste the second quilt so it will be ready to attack quilt.

I posted the 2014 Hexie BOM May block here yesterday! Check it out!

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