Friday, April 18, 2014

Do You Have a Quilt Bucket List?

I put these blocks together yesterday - just needs borders.

Do you have a QBL? A Quilt Bucket List? I read a post on someone's blog a few months ago. The writer said she's beginning to realize that she doesn't have enough years left to make all the quilts she wants to make. I got to thinking about that and decided I need to make a list of quilts that I want to make sooner rather than later. I'm sure this list will grow, but here's my first shot at it.

Julia's Quilt Bucket List:
1. Lollypop Trees (I've had this as a WIP for years, need to get back on it!)
2. Sue Spargo Leaf Play (another WIP)
3. Scrappy Double Wedding Ring
4. Scrappy Churn Dash
5. Portrait quilt of Cooper
6. Fractured (pattern from Material Obsession)
7. Nosegay Quilt (want to design my own version)
8. Scrappy Trips Around the World

Most of these are actually easy peasy! I'm going to save my list as a Word Document so I can easily add to it. Occasionally I'll repost it along with my progress.

What's on your QBL?

Monday, April 14, 2014

A New Shelf

This morning's project didn't involve sewing. We have a back hallway in our house that leads to the garage. I hung this old fence piece on the wall last year. I've been wanting a very narrow console under it, but haven't been able to find one that wasn't WAY too expensive.

I saw an idea on Pinterest that used plumbing pieces as shelf supports. I though it could work! So I spray painted my recently purchased plumbing parts over the weekend. Today was the day to put it all together.

Above you can see where I've screwed the flanges into the wall.

We bought a simple white shelf from Home Depot to go on top.

I also bought some drawer knobs and a funny giraffe hook to attach to the fence piece - I'll hang things on these.  I pinned one of my small quilts to the fence, too.

I'm not sure if I like how I've styled it - looks a bit like a junk store, but I'll keep working on it!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jeans Pocket Quilt

Today I got tired of walking all over these denim pieces that have been lying in the floor for a week. There is no room on my design wall for them! So I took a break from other projects and put this together.

It's certainly not done! There will be lots of appliqué to do on this, but that will have to wait.  Yes, I know one of the pockets is upside down - that was intentional.

Glad I did this. I'm folding it up and putting it aside for now. And my denim scraps are all gone! (And my floor is clear.)

Most of you realize I have TWO blogs. It's tricky! I post hexie stuff on the other blog and everything ELSE quilty related (and family and house and dogs and recipes) here. Next time you see this quilt, it will be on The Hexie Blog. That's a BIG hint about the future of the quilt!

Here's Where the Flying Geese Landed

See all my flying geese? Made into stars! I just have the blocks laid out on a bed - not sure about that blue fabric just yet.

And here's the other quilt.

I'm making these twin quilts for a client who wants coordinating, but different quilts on each bed. So I used the same fabrics in each, but varied the main block pattern. These blocks finish at 8" square. I'm auditioning another blue fabric today. Then the blocks will be ready to sew together. I'll be adding simple borders before quilting. Onward!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Garden Pics

Almost too tired to blog. All the gardening is done by hubby. Luckily he really enjoys it.

I sewed 152 squares on either side of half of the flying geese units. No photos. Tomorrow the stars will come together.

Good night....zzz....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Gaggle of Geese

Today I made 152 flying geese units. One hundred fifty two. Marathon goose day. Whew.

I trimmed all the dog ears into my orange solo cup. I started collecting my dog ears as I trimmed up my Celtic Solstice pieces. Does this make me a hoarder? I hope not. Some people collect sand from beaches they visit, layering them in a jar. Me? I'm saving dog ears. Same difference? I need a glass jar. One with a lid so I can't spill them. Like I did this afternoon.

Aren't they pretty?

The power went out this morning for a couple of hours (construction work boo boo in the neighborhood). During that flying geese break I pulled out the leftover pockets and denim scraps left after I made hubby's birthday quilt. Hmm. I think I see a wall hanging there.

Isn't this boy sweet? Here he is cuddling with his favorite toy. He loves his toy.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

IPhone Fun and Nine Patches

I got a new toy last week. An Olloclip Macro 3 in 1 lens that attaches to my IPhone. WHAT FUN! This is the center of a dogwood blossom. Cool, huh?

This week I'm making 9 patches - very traditional 9 patches. This is trickier than it looks. I'm making two twin quilts with different patterns but the same fabrics. The nine patch blocks are obviously divisible by 3. The other quilt will have blocks divisible by 4. The easy solution would be to make 12" blocks for both quilts for easy cutting.

But of course I never do things the easy way. I didn't want big 12" blocks. I decided 8" blocks would be good - not too big and not too little. So 8" blocks will mean easy cutting for the pattern which is divisible by 4. But the nine patches? GRRR....

8 divided by 3 equals 3.166666667. How do you cut a strip that size accurately?

I guessed where it would be on my ruler and put a piece of tape on the line. I cut a few strips and sewed a few seams. Then I measured. Nope, not correct. I adjusted the tape, cut some more strips, sewed more seams - VOILA! I ended up with a perfect 8.5" nine patch (8" finished). 

I spent the morning yesterday cutting strips and in the afternoon I started piecing nine patches. ALL the perfect size! YAY!