Monday, August 4, 2014

Leo in Progress!

Happy Monday! I realized yesterday that I'd never shown the picture of my little Leo quilt. Above is the right side of Leo before the quilting and perle cotton hand stitching.

And here is the left side, all quilted and hand stitch with perle cotton. I love the difference a bit of perle cotton makes!

And here's the entire quilt. I'll be taking it to Chattanooga only half completed as a class sample.

I've been SUPER busy over the weekend, working on the slideshow for my lecture! Truthfully, I've been more nervous about the lecture than all of my classes put together. But my slideshow is coming together SO WELL, so I'm not concerned one little bit about it now. At first I was worried about filling an hour of time talking about hexies. But now I'm only concerned I have TOO MUCH info to give! A good problem to have!

My goal is to finish the slideshow this week so I'll have plenty of time to practice. YAY!!!!  I have several hexie businesses sending me door prizes for the event - it's going to be a good mail week around here.

Despite all my Chattanooga busy-ness, I started another quilt. Oh. Yes. I. DID! Am I crazy or what???

Probably so!

You see, there's this contest I saw…I already had the fabric…I had an idea…yadda yadda yadda…couldn't help myself. Deadline is less than 2 weeks away…oh my...