Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Computer Time!

Prince is my helper! All good until he starts pushing keys - no telling what he will type!

I've been doing lots of quilty work on my computer this week while my mother is visiting. I can sit and chat with her and she doesn't even realize I'm hard at work. I'm getting lots done - yay!

I finished my little contest quilt except for hand stitching the sleeve - maybe I'll do that today in between computer work.

We have lots of friends in town because today is move in day for the university - I have a feeling some of them will stop by to visit.

I'll be driving Mom back to Augusta in the next couple of days - dread the all day drive! But it's been worth it to have her here for a visit. So glad we've had this visit before football season begins.

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Anonymous said...

Love your cat portrait! I have three rescue kitties! I can't seem to find your post on the pattern for the Alabama block in conjuction with the 50 States Blog Tour. Would you please send it to me? Thanks Rosemary