Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quilting Pattern Inspiration

Look closely above and you can see my quilting pattern. Do you see that circle quilted in the upper left square of the nine patch? That's the flower center with petal radiating outward. Around and around i go.

Every so often I move over and start a new flower, letting them meet organically.

I love the texture it's creating over the quilt. Today I'll finish the quilting on this one - yay! Then one more to quilt.

This was the inspiration for the quilting pattern. Lovely...

Rainy day here, but at least there should be no severe weather. We've had enough of that this week. So much damage and death in our state from all these storms.

Today's list:
1. Finish quilting the nine patch quilt!
2. Start the applique on a special block I've designed (more on this soon!)
3. Photograph the May 2014 Hexie BOM - I'll post it here tomorrow!
4. Make more lists: one for Chicago in June, one for my quilt guild retreat in a couple of weeks, one for another little project I'm starting, one for some future speaking engagements, one get the picture!

Happy Hump Day!

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RenaissanceSandi G said...

I really like your quilting. It is a fun, organic way to finish a quilt. Hi, I am Sandi, and I will be a fellow blogger for the American Made Brand fabrics. Please stop by my blog, and follow if you like!