Saturday, April 5, 2014

Denim Quilt!

Today was hubby's birthday! In a matter of days (WHEW!) I made him this denim quilt. These were my jeans that I purged from my closet in January.

I decided to put our last name on it with a bleach pin - easy peasy!

Gotta love the worn hems! I decided to include these for added texture.

And I pieced some checker board units to throw in here and there.

I only included one pocket, but of course I had to put a hexie on it!

It wasn't easy to make this so quickly while hubby was home sick almost all week. But he didn't have a clue - it was a nice surprise. This quilt will probably go with us to ball games on chilly nights - perfect for that!

Busy day today! I had coffee with a few of my college sorority sisters who were in town today. Then hubby and I went out to nice lunch with our daughters. Made a quick trip to campus to visit with yet another sorority bestie and her daughters. Grilled out steaks tonight. I think I'll sleep well tonight.....


Anonymous said...

Had the best time visiting with you! It's crazy how the years fly by, but our friends just never really change. Loveyameanit!

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