Friday, April 18, 2014

Do You Have a Quilt Bucket List?

I put these blocks together yesterday - just needs borders.

Do you have a QBL? A Quilt Bucket List? I read a post on someone's blog a few months ago. The writer said she's beginning to realize that she doesn't have enough years left to make all the quilts she wants to make. I got to thinking about that and decided I need to make a list of quilts that I want to make sooner rather than later. I'm sure this list will grow, but here's my first shot at it.

Julia's Quilt Bucket List:
1. Lollypop Trees (I've had this as a WIP for years, need to get back on it!)
2. Sue Spargo Leaf Play (another WIP)
3. Scrappy Double Wedding Ring
4. Scrappy Churn Dash
5. Portrait quilt of Cooper
6. Fractured (pattern from Material Obsession)
7. Nosegay Quilt (want to design my own version)
8. Scrappy Trips Around the World

Most of these are actually easy peasy! I'm going to save my list as a Word Document so I can easily add to it. Occasionally I'll repost it along with my progress.

What's on your QBL?

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Christoo said...

In a way a QBL is kinda scary. If I had a list and looked at it I would be quilting all the time and not doing much else. Which could be fun. A QBL would really make me very aware of how much quilting I need to be doing. So, I don't have one.