Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ready to Embellish

I finished the appliqué on the second block today - it's the one on the right.  I think the embellishment will have to wait until tomorrow though.  I spent most of the day unpacking boxes and carrying load after load after load after load of miscellany upstairs.  Done.

We are all but done unpacking the main level of the house.  Whew.  Tomorrow I'll be working on boxes upstairs, home to two bedrooms and my sewing room.  We haven't hung any pictures or quilts yet - can't wait to get to that point!

Dad is still in the hospital.  He was supposed to be released today, but wasn't.  Maybe tomorrow.  His blood sugar is high so they are giving him insulin.  But they give him pancakes for breakfast and pie for lunch.  Hmmm....  I hope he gets to return to the nursing home tomorrow - I know my mother is exhausted.

Big announcement coming here tomorrow!

Last night's sunset.....

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