Sunday, July 22, 2012

Haven't Slowed Down....

Time crept slowly by while I was in Birmingham (alone) trying to sell our house and finish the hexie book.  Now that we are getting settled in our new Auburn home, time is FLYING BY!  We're still working away at unpacking boxes - the end is near, I hope!  This weekend has been productive on that front.  At the end of each day I try to stitch on my Sue Spargo if I'm not too tired (which seems to happen often!)

I've begun to do a bit of cooking and baking again.  This was the start of 3 loaves of zucchini bread.  I also made a yummy peach cobbler.

I officially joined the Cotton Boll Quilt Guild here in Auburn.  Someone shared this GORGEOUS t-shirt quilt.  Her son played on the national championship team at Auburn a couple of years ago (and now plays for the Tennessee Titans).  I know this picture doesn't do the quilt justice, but she had embroidered (by machine) all the games and scores around the border of the quilt.  Now his teammates all want one of these, so she has ordered a Gammill long arm machine with Statler Stitcher so she can oblige!

I sat with the infamous Flavin Glover.  During the meeting she hand quilted on one of her beautiful log cabin masterpieces.  She was leaving this weekend to teach at Long Beach.  Such a lovely woman!

I also met some really nice women, one of whom invited me to go to Columbus to an awesome quilt store in the near future.  Can't wait!

Yesterday the daughters and I made a trip to the Atlanta Ikea.  We loaded up my SUV with lots of goodies.  I bought two of the carts above - is that not the cutest thing ever?  I plan to use one in my sewing room for keeping tools handy.  The other I'll have near the chair in the great room where I sit to hand stitch - handy place for scissors, thread, and other supplies.  When company comes, I can roll it into a closet if need be.  This cart comes in gray and a beautiful pale aqua.  Mine are both gray - they were sold out of the aqua.  Daughter 2 is ordering an aqua one to use in her study area in the condo.  I have a feeling sweet kitty Luna might take up residence on one level. :)

In family news, my father is in the hospital in Augusta.  He has Aspiration Pneumonia caused by difficulty in swallowing.  He can't swallow anything, not even liquids.  Because of his age (88) and the fact that this was not caused by a stroke or disease, it's rather serious.  A therapist is working with him to try to improve the swallowing, but because of his advanced dementia I know he has trouble following directions.  It has always been his wish to not have a feeding tube for any reason, so that will not be an option.  I'm waiting to hear an update this morning to see if I need to drive over there.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. I pray God gives you strength and wisdom at this time.
On a lighter side, I think your cart in the den will be great. Save a little room on it for your zucchini bread!

Anonymous said...

I am not Anonymous, I am Evelyn from One Stitch Closer.