Thursday, July 26, 2012

Making Do

Making do.  It's what our grandmothers did.  It's what our great grandmothers did.  It's time I did it, too.  The more boxes I unpack, the more fabric I realize I own!  Did it multiply while in storage???

It's not that I can't afford to buy more.  It's that I already have plenty!  More than plenty!

The last time I went for a year without buying fabric, some told me I should continue to shop to stimulate the economy.  I'm all for supporting local quilt shops and on-line shops when I need something, but I don't NEED anything.

So today I'm starting my MAKE DO CHALLENGE.  I will not buy fabric for 6 months.  I may extend that to one year - we'll see as I go along.  The exceptions:

1.  Large cuts of fabric for quilt backings (if needed) - I'm going to try to make do without.
2.  Batting, as needed
3.  An occasional new book or Accuquilt die.
4.  Sewing machine repair, new needles, etc.

My plan is to make a ton of quilts in the next year.  Now that our move is over and we're almost settled into a new routine, I'm ready to get to quilting!!!!

Are you game?  Want to join me?  You can set your on personal rules and exceptions and timeframe.  I will create a button for you if you're interested.


Jodi said...

I'm interested in "making do." Looking forward to your button...

O'Quilts said...

Making do is a good thing. However, after my near brush with death here..head having hit the floor from above and the concussion, I have a new vision..ha on life. So short that it is, I do not think I will sew on anything that I do not like to sew on. I have a 50 year collection of fabric that I have not been able to part with. My new thing is to give away some and to sew some and buy what I want in moderation. Life is something else. It can flee in a heart beat.

sandiqltr said...

I am board with you, Julia. I have been doing this plan for about a year now and three months ago challenged myself to finish the WIPs that have been stacked in a drawer. I worked out a plan and my DH draws a number for me each month. To date I am on month #3. I have been blogging this to make me more accountable! Yes, I like this idea!!! --sandi in Chattanooga

sandiqltr said...

Julia, that should say "on board with you" sorry LOL

Debby said...

Just found your blog at a perfect time. I too have more fabric than I should so I'm in on your challenge!!