Friday, July 13, 2012

ER Visit

After a lovely birthday on Wednesday, I got up yesterday ready to mark things off my long list.  I started in the sewing room (of course).  Before I set up my sewing machine, I decided to adjust the height of a shelf in the closet so I could fit my ruler organizer there.

KABOOM!  Another shelf fell on my foot.  Not a pretty site.  There I was standing in my sewing room closet with a gushing foot.  I knew I need something to compress, wrap, wipe, etc.  I was surrounded by drawers of my favorite modern fabrics:  Kaffe Fasset, Malka D., batiks, Kona cotton solids.  NO WAY!  I wasn't NOT going to sacrifice my pretties!

I found a scrap of a lesser loved fabric and used that to staunch the flow.  Then I happen on a men's tie (you know I collect those for sewing, too!) and tied it tightly around said foot.  I called Daughter 2 (sorry for getting you out of bed!) - she came over and took me to the ER.  After an almost THREE hour wait I was told I could get by without stitches and that no bones were broken.  Yay!  They fixed me up with some steri-strips.

Needless to say, the sewing machine was never set up and NOTHING was marked off my list.

Today is a new day!  I'm going to attack my list (limping) and try to accomplish something.  Some Birmingham friends may be coming to visit later today - more reason to get some things done.  Love me a visit from friends!


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Ouch but can't help but laugh that you would not "sacrifice your pretties"!