Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Had to Touch Fabric....

No, the unpacking is not done.  Far from it!  But I couldn't stand it anymore.  I had to touch fabric.  So I grabbed some fabric, pressed it, and cut it with my Accuquilt into triangles.  Then I played on my design wall.

I only spent 10 minutes doing this, but I got the itch out of my system.  I'm working on my second Sue Spargo BOM in the evenings.  Maybe I'll share a photo of that tomorrow.
This was a momentous occasion that I had to share.  The city of Auburn picked up a LOAD of empty boxes here today.  You can't imagine how glad we were to see these go.  We had dragged them out of the garage last week for pick up, only to have to drag them back in when the truck didn't make it that day.  Last night hubby moved them back out to the street AGAIN.  Yay, they're gone now!  I went out and profusely thanked the guy.  His truck was filled to overflowing and he had to go back to headquarters to get another truck to finish his rounds.

I had my first haircut here today.  I really like it and it was $23 cheaper than where I went in Birmingham.  :)

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