Monday, June 25, 2012


I finally finished the appliqué on this block and have moved on to embellishing.  So much fun!

I've only just begun, but these little stitches make such a difference in the look.

These are just simple backstitches, but when done with this dyed seagrass they really make the appliqué pop, don't they?

We had a very busy weekend.  Saturday was spent with family from out of town.  Daughter 1 and her hubby moved here that day, too.  Then Sunday we all got away to the lake for the day.  This was our first trip there this year.  Now that we're in Auburn the lake is only 45 minutes away, cutting an hour off our trip.

We're counting down now: four more nights before we live in our new house!  This week we have a few more condo projects to finish.  And more embellishing for me!

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