Monday, June 11, 2012

Twas the Night Before Moving...

Twas the night before moving and all through the house,
ALL the creatures were stirring as if chasing a mouse!
Not a room was compete and not one was neat,
There was hardly a place to relax and take a seat.
With two suitcases packed along with dog food and bowls,
We're preparing to live for two weeks like trolls.

Lots of Sterlite containers, bins and boxes galore,
Piles of pictures and quilts and knick knacks I adore.
The TV's are packed, ready to go,
What will I do without my shows?
That great big truck will be here tomorrow,
Then goodbye to this house with a bit of sorrow.

But on to Auburn we're ready to run,
We hope that killer is gone with his gun!
We're ready to settle and make some new friends,
This is a new beginning, not the end!
But for now I'll be busy, so pardon my time-out,
I'll be back soon with lots of quilting shout outs!


DaisyChain said...

Julia, you make moving sound so easy. Good luck and hope you settle quickly in your new home. x

Sue said...

Julia, yes you do make moving sound easy! Enjoy your new home!