Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quilt Symposium of Alabama!

 I took a bit of time out this afternoon to attend the Quilt Symposium of Alabama, held this year in Birmingham.  They sure timed it well - my last week in town!  I enjoyed viewing the quilt show - lots of beauties, many made by good friends.  I couldn't help but notice the quilted portrait above.
Here's the tag - what a lovely tribute!  This is as close as I came to having a quilt in the show.  It's always heartwarming to see that someone has taken my technique/book and made something beautiful.  It makes all the long hours, weeks, and months spent writing a quilt book worthwhile!

I'm enjoying having Daughter 1 and SIL here for a few days.  They attend the Miss Alabama pageant each evening, and are enjoying some of their favorite Birmingham restaurants during the day.  I also had them go through some stuff in Emily's room today.  We came up with a huge pile to donate - gotta get rid of it this weekend.

The move is approaching so fast now.  At the beginning of the year it seemed so far away.  Now we have less than a week left here!  Where did this week go???

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