Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Settling In

See?  Told you I'd been sewing a bit!  I decided to pack up my 2012 Sue Spargo Block of the Month kits to work on in the condo.  There is limited space here, so I needed something to do by hand - no room for a sewing machine.  These BOM kits come with all the embellishment thread, the wool, cotton, and silk fabrics (sometimes even velvet!).  So all I have to add is a needle, thread, thimble, and scissors.

Yes, I'm behind.  This is the January block.  I'd love to get two blocks done while we're in the condo.  Above I have the fabric cut and pinned in place.

And here I've appliquéd the rick rack.  And I'm working on the rusty brown piece.  Hopefully there will be more progress today.

I'm settling into a nice routine here.  I'm enjoying spending time with Daughter 2.  We went to Target yesterday.  I think we may go to Michael's today to get some artwork framed.  The heat is oppressive and gets to me.  I'd rather be inside during the heat of the day.

The hardest part about the condo is that it is on the second floor.  The dachshunds don't do stairs so they have to be carried down to do their business.  Last Friday, I had one under each arm coming up the stairs and I fell.  Bummer.  Luckily I didn't do any damage to myself - just a skinned knee.  So now we only take one at a time. I learned my lesson!

Last night I cooked for the first time here.  I made a chicken casserole, rice, and green beans.  It felt good to be in the kitchen and we have enough leftovers for another meal.  I heard this weekend that there is a good place to get different varieties of chicken salad just down the road.  We may check that out today.  This hot weather makes me want something cold to eat!

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