Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We Have a Mailbox!

We now have a mailbox at our new house.  Even though we won't be moving in for a few weeks, I can now tackle the change of address process full speed ahead!  Hubby will be driving to the house regularly to check the mail.

I haven't mentioned it here, but hubby started his new job in Montgomery in January and has been living in Auburn at our condo since then.  He comes home on weekends to do the yard work (and see me and the doggies!).  I am so ready to be living FULL-TIME with him again!  And that day is ALMOST HERE!

Tomorrow, Daughter 1 and her hubby are coming to B'ham to stay here for several days - YAY!  They'll be in town because her hubby's sister is a contestant in the Miss Alabama pageant - Good Luck, Angelyn!  I've told them not to expect too much hospitality around here:  the refrigerator and pantry are all but empty.  About all I have to offer is a bed and a bathroom.  But that's fine with them.

A couple of random updates:

Fleas:  Gone!  Nipped them in the bud!

Kindle:  Found!  Sunday afternoon/evening our electricity was out for 4 hours during a storm.  I piddled around the house during that time, moving stacks of stuff and neatening.....and there it was!  In a stack I'd hidden behind a bed, probably before a showing.  So relieved!

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