Friday, June 1, 2012

Whirlwind Trip to Auburn

Just back late this afternoon from a quick trip to Auburn with hubby and the doggies.  We stayed overnight at the condo with Daughter 2.  Our new house is now complete and staged.  It's open for most of June to raise money for charity.  We loved walking through all the rooms, seeing how it's been decorated.  The room above is staged as a little boys' room, but it will become my new studio.  There are three windows looking out over a small lake.  I love the light - much brighter than my current studio!

We rented a U-Haul trailer and filled it up with furniture that we want to keep, but we don't want in our house.  I know - doesn't make sense - why are we keeping these things?  Most of it will go to our kids when they have their own homes and have room.  For now this stuff will live in a storage facility.  We pulled the heavy load from Birmingham to Auburn.  When we arrived at the storage place, the doggies were ready for a drink.  OOPS!  I forgot to bring a water bowl along.

There was a Christmas wreath with plastic ornaments in the load of furniture.  Hmmmm.  I pulled the end off the ornament and filled it with water from the bathroom.  It worked!  See Mickey lapping from the silver ornament?  They drank their fill, reminding us of hamsters drinking from a tube!  Necessity is the mother of invention.

Our son-in-law was in Auburn and came to help unload the trailer.  What a relief to have all this done.  The load included 4 beds, 3 mattress and box spring sets, 1 sofa, 3 bar stools, 1 wardrobe (the heaviest piece!), a bedside table, two small chairs, and several boxes of Christmas decorations.  Whew!

We could have let the movers bring all this stuff to Auburn, but they would only bring it to our new house, and then we would still have to put it in storage.  We're trying to make our move-in easier by having the storage unit stuff done ahead of time.

As soon as we got home, hubby reloaded my SUV with more stuff for the storage unit.  He'll haul this load back to Auburn on Sunday.  Tomorrow he's going to cut the grass here in Birmingham for the LAST time.  Then he can drain the oil and gas from the mower to ready them for moving.

And, believe it our not, we have a house showing tomorrow!  We're less than 2 weeks from closing!  We hear someone wants to put a back-up offer in, just in case....  The house is a total mess, but we said okay. We're not even leaving during the showing - we'll just step outside with the dogs while they're here.

It's going to be busy around here for the next couple of weeks!  I don't think I'll be able to sew, but I am going to pack some handwork to take to the condo for the two weeks we'll be there.

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sandiqltr said...

Wow, Judy, this is exciting! I know you will be happy to get the move over and start to settle in to your new surroundings. I am sorry I could not get to B'ham before you moved to have lunch. Maybe we will connect at a later time when I can work out with you to do a class up here in Chatt-town.