Saturday, June 16, 2012

From Birmingham to Auburn

Last week seems a bit of a blur to me.  While hubby and I watched, 5 strong men packed up all of our stuff and loaded it on this truck.  It took them two long days, plus another hour on the third day.  It's hard to believe that EVERYTHING we own is on that truck.  All I have with me are one suitcase, a small toiletry bag, and a small box of hand sewing.

The truck pulled out of Birmingham at about 9:30 Thursday morning.  Hubby and I finished cleaning the house and loaded the cleaning supplies in our cars.  We left at 11 am.  Below is a peak at our Birmingham home.

So now we're in Auburn and the truck-load of stuff is stored in Atlanta.  We're pretty pooped - not sure why since we didn't have to pack and load, but I guess the entire process can be wearing.  We're enjoying a bit of a break before we move into the new house in a couple of weeks.

This morning, Hubby and I started the day with a long walk with the dogs around downtown Auburn and the campus.  Tonight we had a lovely barbecue dinner at a local restaurant with Daughter 1 and her hubby, and Daughter 2 and her boyfriend.  So good to have family together!  Last night our good friends from South Carolina came through and we spent a wonderful evening with them.  So we have been well entertained.

This afternoon I actually got out my packed sewing project and cut some fabric!  Oh, how good it was to fondle fabric again!  Tomorrow I will pick up a needle and thread, no doubt.  So I will spend this mini-vaca in the condo sewing, and reading, and walking the doggies. And you know what else?  Someone gave Hubby a bag of homegrown tomatoes!  So my first tomato sandwich of the year will happen soon!!!!!!

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