Saturday, August 4, 2012

Patriotic Hexies

Yes, back on the hexie bandwagon!  With the Olympic in full swing, I had to get my red, white, and blue on.  Nice, mindless work while I watch the amazing athletes (from my recliner).  At least I'm productive while I'm a couch potato!

Yesterday we had a wonderful shower.  Here's my view (that's right, from the recliner!)  Now look closer:

This is the first house we've owned that doesn't have gutters, so the rain just pours right off the roof.  As you can see, the eaves are very deep so we don't need gutters.  Yippee - no cleaning out rotten leaves from gutters!

In unpacking news, I had 8 boxes left to unpack upstairs.  Thursday I unpacked 3.  Friday I unpacked 3.  Then I counted what was left.  Should have been 2, right?  Nope.  FIVE left!  Must have miscounted last week (or else they multiply when I'm not looking).

Today we're getting an early start on some big stuff.  We're going to haul a load of garbage to the dump.  And we're going to haul a large piece of furniture to our storage unit.  Then we'll load my car with some donation items so I can take them to Goodwill in a few days.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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Debby said...

Lots of hexie work around my place as well, great way to pass the time. A true labor of love or insanity!! I finally added your Make Do button to my blog, thanks for the tip!!