Saturday, August 11, 2012

Proud Mama!

I try not to post too much here about our daughters - they are both adults and deserve their privacy.  But today I had to share - sorry girls!  On the left is Daughter 1 (Emily), a Software Engineer who is doing so well at her job.  And on the right is Daughter 2 (Elizabeth), who today received her White Coat in a ceremony for the Harrison School of Pharmacy at Auburn University.  So proud of you both!

Today's zigzag:  green and pink.  Both are nice fabrics, but I wouldn't ordinarily put them together.  This block has much less contrast than the others - I needed some blocks that didn't shout.  This one whispers.  Sorry for the dirty ironing surface background - I was still working on my design wall.

Someone asked how big the half square triangle are:  each finishes at 3 inches, so the block finishes at 9 inches.

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