Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Rainy Afternoon....

I adore sewing when it's raining outside - so cozy inside!  Here's today's block:  puppy dogs and woodgrain.  Click the picture to see bigger.  Neither is ooo-gly, but the color scheme is rather 70's.

Here's something interesting (though sad!) going on in my town today.  Can you see the tree in the center of the picture above?  Click on the picture to get a better view.  That is one of Auburn's iconic oaks on Toomer's Corner.  There is another oak to the right.  Normally at this time of year the two trees would be huge and green and healthy.  But someone poisoned the trees and they are dying a sad, slow death.  It is customary for fans to roll the trees with toilet paper after a football win - this has been going on for generations!  Yesterday the trees were drastically trimmed to prevent dead limbs from falling on pedestrians, so now they look so sad and bare.  They are mere skeletons.  I feel sure the trees will have to be removed completely in the near future; I have a feeling they'll let them be for one more football season.  Read more about the story here.

This is the drug store diagonally across from the trees - this is how the corner got it's name - Toomer's Corner.  The drugstore is famous for it's DELICIOUS fresh squeezed lemonade.  They squeeze the lemons for each glass when it is ordered - so good!

And a rainy shot from my sewing room window....still raining now.  Glad I'm dry inside with no plans to go anywhere.

Anything interesting going on in your town today?

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Debby said...

Rainy days are perfect sewing days!! I remember the news on that crazy man who poisoned the tree. We are Bama fans but NO way should folks do rotten things like he did