Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pie Anyone?

I've been absolutely CRAVING peach pie this summer.  Just HAD to make one!  Yesterday was the day.  Daughter 1 dropped by for a bit and I put her to work, helping me peel peaches.  Isn't it a beauty?

It turned out a bit soupy, but that didn't affect the taste!  Yummy!  Want a piece?  Come on over!

Oh my.  I have a problem....  I started yet another quilt!  Ridiculous, I know.  I have too many works in progress already.  But I've been eyeing these adorable, scrappy zigzags all over the web and I had to start one.  If I do one block per day, it should be done in no time, don't ya' think?

When I loaded the pie pictures along with this block, I was amazed at how well they matched.


Debby said...

The pie looks so yummy!! Maybe you could call your new zig zag quilt a crazy peach pie quilt, they really do match well

Sujata Shah said...

Okay, I think that pie and zigzag are teaming up with some sort of conspiracy.. Both of them too hard to resist.
Looking forward to seeing more zigzag blocks.