Thursday, August 9, 2012

Owls and Pea Green

The zigzag from yesterday:  owls and pea green.  Okay, neither of these are ooo-gly fabrics.  But I could tell I needed some green and blue to balance the colors I've already used.  Works for me!

Are you thinking this is a beautiful quilt?  Nope.  It's a box of Kleenex tissues.  Kleenex has really come out with some nice designs and patterns on their boxes lately.  Did you know that one of the quilts in the new book is based ENTIRELY on a Kleenex box?  Not this one.  But I would like to make a quilt similar to this.  Someday....

Haven't done this in quite awhile.  Rooting an avocado pit.  I'm carefully watching every day, waiting for a root to pop out of the bottom.  Waiting for a stem to pop out of the top.  Simple pleasures are the best!

On today's agenda:
1.  Another zigzag block
2.  A bit of progress on the design wall quilt (can't show it yet....)
3.  Drop off donations to the local Goodwill
4.  Pick up case of homemade fig jam that I ordered from a local grower (yum!)
5.  Battle my allergies (sniff, sniff....)

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Debby said...

Feel better soon, the zig zag quilt is coming along!