Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stove Up and Sniffing

Here's block 3 of the Sue Spargo BOM.  Almost done with the appliqué.  Almost ready to embellish!  I'm feeling good about this progress even though block 2 equates to March and we are in August.  I'm getting there.....

I didn't get a zigzag block sewn yesterday.  I did pick out the fabric and cut the pieces.  It was one busy day with lots of errands and miscellany to accomplish.

Hubby and I went to a newcomers' dinner last night.  Have you ever joined a newcomers' group?  We were expecting:

1.  People (like us) who have just moved to the area.
2.  People from all age groups.

We had a good time, but we did not find what we expected.  I think we were the only ones present who had recently moved to Auburn.  And almost without exception, the crowd was all retirees.  They were all very nice and we met some interesting people.

The most embarrassing thing about the evening was my allergy attack.  As soon as I sat down at the table (we were at a local restaurant), I found myself clogging up.  Uh oh.  Didn't bring any kleenex.  I sneezed and sniffed and blew my nose through the ENTIRE dinner.  There was a bucket of red napkins on the table and I quickly made my way through them.

I didn't want to put the used ones on the table, so by the time dinner was over I had a huge pile hidden in my lap.  I discreetly stashed them on hubby's plate and quickly covered them with my plate - at the end of the meal, of course.  :)

Today is the day I finally make an appointment with an allergist to figure out exactly WHAT I'm allergic to and how I can control it.  I find I spend about 1/3 of my life dealing with allergy attacks!

Before the dinner, hubby and I stopped by a local store to pick up some dining room chairs we had ordered.  He did all the heavy lifting.  But one time I leaned over to adjust a chair cover, and OUCH!  Pulled a muscle in my back!  So as we say in the South, I'm a bit 'stove up.'

The good news is that this morning the allergies have calmed down! Yay!  I'm still stove up, but moving around helps so I'm ready to dive in and accomplish LOTS!

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