Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making Pretty

The zigzag block of the day:  little girls with kitties and lime green dots.  Neither is really ugly (or ooo-gly, I as call it), but I wouldn't ordinarily put the two together.

I'm trying to "pretty up" my studio a bit.  It's stark and white now - fine by me, but I do want to add a bit of color here and there.  And I want to make the storage units look a bit better.

I had some scrapbook paper on hand, so I figured out what shape to cut it.  Then I traced it nine times.  Then I stuck it in the plastic drawers.


Oh yes, that will do very nicely.  Easy peasy and cheap.

I had a very productive day.  My new, evolving schedule seems to be unpacking/organizing/housework/hanging pictures in the morning.  The afternoons are for sewing.  In the evenings, I do handwork (Sue Spargo BOM, hexies, or unsewing) while TV watching.

We have a few things that are MIA - things that haven't turned up in all the unpacking.
1.  My bicycle helmet - hubby's was found
2.  My antique Singer sewing machine - the table that goes with it was found.
3.  Some blue upholstery fabric I was going to use to cover a cushion.

I still have hope one or more of these things will turn up - there are a few boxes in the garage that I can't get to - hubby will have to help me dig.  If I don't find them, I'll file a claim with the relocation company.

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Debby said...

Your storge drawers look so much better, nothing like a little cheap TLC to dress things up. Good luck on finding the rest of the things you are missing