Monday, August 6, 2012

Look What I Found!

I found this old UFO when sorting through some recently unpacked quilts.  I'd forgotten all about it!  I remember making it and I'd even named it, though I don't remember what.  Seems like it reminded me of the constantly shifting line of scrimmage in a football game, so it had a football-ish name.  I hand dyed all the fabrics.  Hmmm....

Apparently I'd just started quilting it, and now I see why I put it aside.  I was shooting for straight line quilting and the lines are definitely NOT straight.    I think I'll unsew all this quilting and try for a different effect.

Here's today's zigzag block.  Yes, some UGLY fabric!  But this is the perfect quilt for ugly fabric, don't you think?  I'm actually on a mission to put my UGLIEST old pieces in this.  In the end I think all the uglies will play well together and become beautiful.

The clouds were lovely outside my studio window this afternoon.  Yes, that's a dead tree on the left - got to do something about that...

I bought myself some new walking shoes (with a touch of NEON!) and a new pedometer today - time to get moving!  But first I think I'll have a piece of peach pie.  :)

Good luck to Daughter 2 (Elizabeth) for your first day of Pharmacy School tomorrow!  You go, girl!

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