Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shifting Momentum

Here the quilt top I made yesterday.  As I said, it's all my hand dyed fabric.  When I look at this, the orange and blue/purple strip sets shift around on the quilt, hence the name.  No, this is not a political statement.  I will never talk politics here.  I really see it as more indicative of a football game.  One team can be winning big, then they throw an interception and the losing team runs for a touchdown.  Instantly, the game shifts in momentum.

My hubby says it one of his favorite quilts I've done.  I'm wondering if that's because of the football analogy.  It will be fun to quilt, maybe this weekend.

Today I delivered the finished quilt to the Amelia Center.  They are always so grateful and nice.  I enjoyed doing it, but I'm very glad to have it done.

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