Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Doggie Doodad

If you know me, you know I have a thing for dogs.  I really have a problem, I think.  If there's a stray, I'll take it in.  If we go to Walmart and they're having a doggy adoption day, watch out.  Several years ago, a neighbor had a dog who needed a good home.  Quickly.  If she didn't find a home by the end of the day, her husband was taking him to the pound.  And he was so cute!

I called my husband.  At this point in life we already had two dogs.  His exact words were, "We need another dog like we need a hole in our heads."  I agreed.  When he got home from work that evening, he was met at his car by...three dogs.  He fell in love with Patches (what a great name for a quilter's dog!) instantly, just like I had a few hours earlier.  Patches has been such a special dog, and we can't imagine life without him.  And now that I've gone on and on about Patches, I realize I'm not even posting a photo of him today.  I'll show you Patches tomorrow, I promise!  

We're now up to a grand total of four dogs, though for several years we had five.  In the photo above are Prince (the older of the dachshunds) and Oliver (the dachshund wannabe).  Oliver was a Walmart adoptee.

Anyway, the point of this long, drawn out story is really going to be a let down.  I drove to Atlanta today to take my parents to meet my brother.  He drove them the rest of the way to his home in Augusta.  While I was gone, hubby and daughter took two of the dogs for a walk.  To make a long story even longer, the leash broke, they had to throw it away, but first....

knowing me like they do, they took the broken leash apart to save the little clippy thing for me to sew on a quilt.  Aren't they sweet?

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Joan said...

That was nice of them. Now on what project will this appear I wonder. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed meeting up with your family.