Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Dyed Today!

Dying fabric is a messy and somewhat time consuming project.  But it's always so satisfying once the fabric is washed, dried, and ironed.  I mixed seven cups of dye: yellow, pink, aqua, green, purple, orange, and a blue/black.  Then I spread the fabric I painted a couple of weeks ago out on a tarp in our garage.  At this point, I had already pre-wet the fabric and dipped it into a solution of water, salt, and soda ash.
Next came the fun, messy, sloppy part.  I drizzled the different dyes all over the fabric.  No planning.  No preciseness.  No problem.
The final step was to sprinkle the fabric with rock salt, hoping for some cool striations.
Who knows how this will turn out!  I usually dye small pieces of fabric in ziplock baggies, so this is an experiment (or adventure, depending on how you look at it).  I'll let it sit like this overnight, or until dry.  Then on to the rinsing!  I'll keep you posted.

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Sue said...

Hi, Julia- Thanks for leaving a message on my new blog last week. People love the picture of your quilting guild's "car cozy" I posted. I love your work- Starry Night is awesome. I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric you dyed today. I also want to tell you that I checked out "Fibermania". I love to knit, although I'm not terribly experienced. I learned a technique on Fibermania that I have always wanted to learn. The internet is a wonderful place. It connects creative people who would otherwise never have had the opportunity to learn from each other. Thanks, again!
Sue (Alderwood Quilts).