Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Quilted Nametag

I thought I'd share my quilted nametag for quilt guild meetings.  I used to have one that was very traditional.  I appliqued a rose with little bias stems and cute leaves back when I first joined Birmingham Quilters Guild.  The more I learned about quilting, the more my point of view changed.  The change happened over years - but slowly I went from a traditional quilter using calicos to a contemporary quilter who prefers hand dyed fabrics, batiks, graphic black and whites, and anything funky.  One day I realized that my nametag didn't suit me any longer.  So I made this one.  It's messy and funky.  It has beads and colorful ribbons.  My name is spelled out with typewriter key beads.  And there is some colorful stitching with embroidery floss.  This isn't the greatest photo, but perhaps you'll get the idea.  I have to be careful where I pin it to myself; sometimes the ribbons hit at the wrong spot and appear to be a tassel!
I also wanted to share the finished product from my recent fabric painting adventure.  I really like the organic nature of the colors.  But it's not really finished.  This weekend I'm planning to over-dye it.  Next I'm going to try some screen printing.  Can you tell I was very inspired by the fabric from Quilting Arts?

Some of you may be wondering what happened to that portrait I making from tiny strips of fabric.  I haven't worked on it any lately.  I have other deadlines that are looming.  The galley show has to be ready by the first of December, so I'm putting finishing touches on lots of little projects, many you've seen here.  I'm also still quilting Shifting Momentum (aka, the football quilt) for the show.  And the slice quilts!  I'm going to have them all sewn together by the December quilt guild meeting.  The due date for the portrait quilt is not until January - I hoping to enter it in a contest.  Let's hope I can finish it in December.

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Joan said...

My goodness Julia you have alot of projects on the go .Love batiks .