Monday, November 10, 2008

My Quilting Arts Giveaway Arrived!!!

Isn't it gorgeous?  I was getting a bit concerned about it since I knew it was mailed more than 3 weeks ago.  I even e-mailed Pokey Bolton over the weekend.  She was going to send out another pack to me, and wouldn't you know - it came today.  I LOVE IT!  It will go into something very SPECIAL, so stay tuned.
At our guild meetings, there is always a FREE table, a place for members to bring fabrics, patterns, magazines, anything they don't want anymore.  And look what I found - 2 vintage Simplicity posters!  Love them!  They scream 1960's, the decade in which I grew up.  I'll find a special place in my studio to hang them.
A friend brought me the above, a nice bag of selvages.  She knows I collect them.  What fun I'll have!  I also received another gift from a guild member today.  It's something I REALLY NEEDED!  Black Kona Cotton!  To her, I say a very special thank you; you are kindness personified.  I already have plans for much of it.  Now I will mark it off the Christmas list I've been preparing for my husband.

Today was the due date for the slice quilt challenge that I coordinated.  All but one of the completed slices were turned in.  I'd say that's excellent!  The only one I'm missing is from someone who wasn't there today, and I have no doubt I'll receive hers shortly.  So now you know what I'll be doing sometime this week - sewing slices together!  I can't wait to see these three Starry Night quilts come together.  I'll post them here as I complete them.


Lisa A said...

Oooo, what delicious looking fabric! And I love those posters. We'll miss you Tuesday, but have fun with Mark!

Joan said...

Great posters and certainly 60's. Remember making myself a 'Mary Quant' style dress using simplicity patterns in that decade.