Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Back on Track

Things are finally back to normal around here.  I finished my painted dress quilt today.  Click on the image in order to see the button hands and background stitching.  I put this in a little thrift store frame.  I love to buy frames at the thrift store (usually for a dollar or so) and spray paint them black.  Then I buy a ready made mat at a craft store (usually for a dollar or so) and mount little quilts like this.  No, I didn't have to buy these - I have a pile of frames and mats in my studio.  It make for a very inexpensive way to make a funky little art quilt seem more impressive.  

I'm working on another little dress quilt - it's made with some of the fabric I won from Pokey Bolton at Quilting Arts.  I'm really liking these little people.  I think this is the start of a new series for me - maybe I'll call it Little Women after one of my favorite books from childhood.  I'll try to finish the next one to show you tomorrow.  

Lots of love!

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Joan said...

A great title and a great book. Love the dresses and the buttons for hands.