Friday, November 7, 2008

After All, Tomorrow is Another Day...

Well, no quilting again today.  But that's okay.  My hubby is taking a few days off work, hoping to play a bit of golf and relax with me.  But today the forecast was for a rainy day.  We went on a nice walk through the neighborhood and got home just as it started sprinkling.  No golf today.  So he suggested we take my parents to north Alabama to visit their good friends.  My parents jumped at the chance (not literally - boy, would that be a sight!)  So off we went.

My mother planned the Decatur day itinerary.  The first stop was Big Bob Gibson's Barbecue restaurant for lunch, because as Mom often tells us, you can't get good barbecue in Birmingham (her opinion, not mine).  We brought a cooler along, so after lunch we ordered two chickens, two pounds of pork, two slabs of ribs, and two pints of slaw.  Guess what we'll be eating all week?

The second stop was the hospital to visit the family of a dying relative.  Hubby and Dad waited in the car, while Mom and I took care of the visiting.

The third stop was their good friends' house.  We had a nice visit, all the while peeking out the windows at the house I grew up in (and which my parents sold 5 years ago).  We admired how the hydrangeas had grown, and lamented how the yard was not as pristine as when my mother took care of it.

The fourth stop was the mall, namely Dillard's, because, as Mom says, no store in Birmingham has nice clothes like that.  Again, her opinion, not mine.

Then it was back to Birmingham to drop my parents off at their apartment along with their portion of the barbecue and Dillard's bags.  After a quick trip inside to unclog their toilet. we came home.  I'm now curled up on the sofa with two dogs, a quilt, and my laptop.

I can't stand posting without a photo, as you well know.  So here's another shot I took at last weekend's art show.  I had fun with this one, turning his hair lime green and his shirt purple.  I know, I really need to get back in my studio!  I promise, tomorrow there will be productivity!  But at least today, I have two very happy parents.


Lisa A said...

That guy looks like my sister's ex from the back!
I have to say I may have to agree with your mom about the BBQ & Dillards. Big Bob Gibson has been a big winner in Memphis for some years. I prefer Corky's or the places in my hometown. And I really like Dillard's, too!
Thanks for a great time yesterday at bee!

The Southern Mom said...

You went to the mall in Decatur? My Decatur? Why? We have nothing in our mall! We all complain about it! But I agree...Dillards does have nice clothes. I ate at Big Bob's today,too! I love their chicken stuffed potatoes!

The Southern Mom said...

Hey! It's me again...we were there around 12 at the one on 6th Ave. If you were at that one, we probably were there at the same time or just missed you! Let me know when you're in town next time and we'll try to get together and eat (something I'm very good at!).

Joan said...

What a busy day you had . Sounds like you needed to rest after all that visiting.