Saturday, November 8, 2008

Holographic Quilt

I told you this photo might turn up in a quilt!  Well, sort of a quilt, anyway.  I tried the technique I've seen in Quilting Arts magazine to give a holographic effect.  I printed the bottle photo on printable silk organza (a sheer fabric) and pieced it with some of my hand dyed fabric.  I then quilted this piece and stapled it to an artist's canvas.  I had earlier cut a rectangular piece of the canvas away - the same size as the photo.  Next, I printed the same photo on cotton fabric and glued it to poster board.  I placed the canvas over the poster board, lining up the photos on top of each other.  I then trimmed the poster board and stapled it to the back side of the canvas.  So now the photos are about 3/4 inch apart, with the sheer one on top.  The effect is pretty cool, especially in person.  From every angle, this quilt looks different.  I'll do this again, I'm sure.
I also worked on quilting Shifting Momentum, aka, The Football Quilt.  I'm doing a good bit of straight line quilting, emulating yard lines, I guess you could say.  This is not difficult, but is very time consuming.  I'll be working on this for days.

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