Thursday, November 6, 2008

Busy as a Bee

Today was my bee meeting - loads of fun, as always.  Good friends, good food, and pretty quilts - it just doesn't get any better!  My Baked Potato Soup was very good.  I experimented with a new recipe and was very pleased with it.  Get the recipe here.  I used fat free half and half and prepackaged bacon bits when I made it.

This post is a bit jumbled because I forgot that Blogger is now loading photos backwards, so bear with me.

Below is a photo of those bottles from the art show I posted here a few days ago.  As you can see, I've been playing with the photo on Photoshop, cropping and changing colors around.  Hint, hint, you may see this again in a quilt.

Okay, now back to the bee meeting.  Today we celebrated the upcoming wedding of our dear friend (and youngest bee member BY FAR).  Tiffany has been out in the working world for a couple of years now and so is not able to be a regular part of our bee anymore.  But we still love her and were glad to have her today.  For her gift, we each made a quilted place mat in her new kitchen colors: black, white, and a touch of red.  Her grandmother, Jan (another bee member) provided us each with a red paint swatch so we'd all have the correct red, since reds can be tricky.  We each did our own pattern using our own fabric, so they are all different, but look beautiful together.  Here she is opening the box.
As always, we had a fun show-and-tell.  Lisa (a regular visitor to my blog) had this wall hanging she's making as a Christmas gift.  This photo doesn't do it justice.  The piecing is perfect, though Lisa claimed there are some cut off corners.  I certainly didn't see them!
I haven't been in my studio today, but hopefully I'll be back again tomorrow.  So many quilts, so little time!

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Joan said...

Glad you had a great get together and what a great pressie for the bride to be.Thanks for recipe will try this one out perhaps at weekend. Bottle project looks interesting.